For parents of children with disabilities and special needs

AID BONES can help children with any hand disability. Naturally, all parents want the best for their children, but this preoccupation can be more especially burdensome if your child is born with or acquires, during their life, special needs.

The limitations of our children when it comes to developing though play and learning can cause certain delays in emotional, cognitive and physical development. Before, the majority of physical aids were made for adults, but CHILDREN’S AID BONES has changed this. Now, from a very young age they can learn to adapt and thrive with independence. AID BONES comes in attractive colours for children, and they adapt comfortably to their hands so that they can carry out tasks alone, from a very young age, generating self-esteem and independence that they can use to progress and adapt to the tasks that may arise in their day-to-day lives.

AID BONES come in various sizes, so that they can be matched with the individual and his or her needs, from as a newborn children picking up a rattle to an adult putting on make-up, for example. In addition, this aid does not have any learning curve, since the child will naturally adapt to using it as different needs arise.

AID BONES are especially invaluable when it comes to children playing, taking care of themselves, eating, writing, drawing, and painting. However, it is also a great help for many more situations, such as holding onto a walker to take one’s first steps, or holding on to a swim float and learning to swim with friends, and so on.

After all, children with disabilities or special needs are children just like other children, and they need to make their own decisions and try to do things for themselves.

AID BONES can help them develop and gain confidence in themselves by seeing that they can have independence. This is how we can see our children achieve success in developing skills to cope with all of the moments that will mark their day-to-day lives.

With CHILDREN’S AID BONES, parents can provide their children with tools that do not look like typical orthopaedic medical devices, but are, rather, brightly coloured, toy-like aids that adapt to objects and help them grasp, hold, push and lift, accelerating learning in fine motor control activities, such as writing, painting, playing an instrument, and gross motor skills, such as playing with other kids, cooking, and eating.

Thanks to the bright colours of CHILDREN’S AID BONES, your children will be stimulated and motivated to carry out multi-sensory activities, without the need for you to help them.