Occupational therapists

These are health professionals who help people with physical, psychological or developmental disabilities improve their independence, productivity and quality of life.

Their main aim is to improve and stimulate functional capabilities, especially of upper extremities, reinforcing the use of hands and limbs to promote their patients’ autonomy in basic, everyday and instrumental activities that can be affected by disease or disability.

They perform functional cognitive stimulation, which promotes the development of capacities in work, personal life, and, particularly in children, psycho-motor skills. They also provide guidance on using technical aids and making practical modifications to the home environment.

AID BONES is, therefore, an extremely useful tool for occupational therapists in helping their patients achieve a greater degree of independence, particularly in cases such as the rehabilitation of neuropsychological deficits (e.g. memory, attention, complex reasoning), motor function, and sensory function (e.g. vision, touch, and perception). It can thus be an important occupational therapy tool in relation to activities that are important for the way of life of patients, including behavioural and hygiene habits associated with caring for oneself at home, work, during leisure time, and so on.

Furthermore, occupational therapists work in very different environments, such as hospitals, nursing homes, day centres, leisure centres, schools, clinics of various kinds, special employment centres, occupational centres, and patients’ own homes.

AID BONES is an extremely beneficial and useful tool for all of these environments. Indeed, many occupational therapists tell us about the great improvements they notice in all of their patients thanks to AID BONES, wherever they are used, and whatever the abilities of their patients.

AID BONES is a simple but highly practical, 100% hypo-allergenic silicone aid, totally free of BPA, BISPHENOL and PHTHALATES, highly durable, resistant and elastic, which provides an innovative alternative to the typical, unhygienic and uncomfortable Velcro grip, quad or orthopaedic cuffs, among others aids.

AID BONES can also be used left or right-handed indifferently, avoiding the need for different aids for different hands, and all the inconvenience this entails. With AID BONES, you needn’t worry about this, you’ll have them always at hand for use with different patients.

AID BONES provides the necessary grip, whatever the activity or situation faced in day-to-day life.