Nursing homes

ADULT AID BONES are useful in any place and any situation, but particularly in nursing homes.

In nursing homes, where elderly people live temporarily or permanently, the vast majority of individuals have some form of dependency.

These centres offer personal and social health care services, including geriatric services provided by suitable multidisciplinary professional teams with specific training.

With ADULT AID BONES, we not only help the individuals themselves, by giving them more autonomy and helping them become more active in day-to-day activities, but also the great work that these professionals are doing.

The variety and intensity of the services provided can be highly variable. Certain services are regulated by law, including the maintenance and stimulation of functional capacities, sociocultural stimulation, healthcare, social integration, and occupational therapy.

Professionals use as many tools as possible, since they often number a lot less than the people they care for, so ADULT AID BONES can be extremely useful for both.

When an elderly person enters a home, one aspect that is extremely important is that they do not feel lonely.

In each centre, specialists have to ensure that residents have the greatest level of autonomy and safety. This is why many professionals who have tried ADULT AID BONES and found them to be useful are talking about them with colleagues, so that they can help residents become more independent, and delay any degeneration as much as possible.