Warranty and returns (hygienic product)

Returns or exchanges are permitted by legislation defending the rights of consumers and users.

Here is the link the applicable Spanish legislation: Royal Legislative Decree

The consumer has the right to return the products purchased via pedidos@aidbones.com within 14 calendar days, after which the right to return or refund the item in question will expire.
In reference to Article 103 of the Legislative Decree, our products are classed in the “SANITARY HYGIENIC” category, therefore, the return of unsealed items that are not in perfect condition will NOT be permitted, for reasons of health and hygiene.

What cannot be returned?

  • HYGIENIC PRODUCTS: Products that have already been manipulated or unsealed cannot be returned.
  • DAMAGED PRODUCTS: Products damaged by external factors, accidents or misuse.

Contact and return process

To make a return, you must contact pedidos@aidbones.com, adding “Return” or “Exchange” to the subject line, and explaining to us the reason for the return.

The first thing to do is contact us via:

  • pedidos@aidbones.com, adding “EXCHANGE” to the subject line, and explaining the reasons for requesting the exchange.
  • Once this has been done, and is approved, the product will have to be sent to Aid Bones.

WARNING: As we said above, the product must be returned in perfect condition via the chosen shipping method, for which the sender will bear the costs.

Except for any error made by company, the product must comply with the requirements of the section “PRODUCTS NOT PERMITTED TO BE EXCHANGED OR RETURNED”.
Only when we have received the product will the new product be sent to you. Never before.

If you have any more questions, contact us directly so we can help you with everything you may need.

  • Call us on (+34) 640 623 541
  • Email pedidos@aidbones.com