Day centres and care facilities

Elderly day centres and care facilities are specialized facilities where a team of professionals is dedicated to the treatment and care of the elderly. The main difference between day centres and nursing homes is that the elderly can continue living at home during the night and at weekends. This means that they are not totally disconnected from their ordinary environment, and that they are not in a situation of total dependence.

Day centres may be considered the intermediate stage between total independence and the need for round-the-clock care in a nursing home.

They are, therefore, very important in improving the quality of life of both the elderly themselves and their caregivers, allowing them to get some rest when they need it, and help slow the ageing process.

ADULT AID BONES can be invaluable in these centres, as they can be used during mealtimes and in the many activities designed to keep elderly people active both mentally and physically, such as painting, for example, and allow users to cope better with everyday tasks and maintain, as much as possible their independence. It is, thus, important for professionals to teach the elderly to use aids such as ADULT AID BONES, so that when they take them home they can be more independent there, and can more easily perform more tasks on their own.

The usefulness of ADULT AID BONES is indeed often confirmed to us by experts who use them every day.